Special Olimpics European Summer Games Warsaw 2010

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From 18th to 24th of September Special Olimpics European Summer Games 2010 for the first time took place in Warsaw. Over 1 500 sportsmen representing 57 national teams from all over Europe and Eurasia participated in it. The City of Warsaw actively joined the organisation of this European feast of intellectually disabled sportsmen.

Opening ceremony was held at the new Legia Stadium. Over 20 thousand spectators attended it. It was a real show, the play of light and music.

After Mr Bronisław's Komorowski (president of Poland) speech a time for ceremonial drawing up the flag of the Olimpics upon the mast came, then runners bringing the Fire of Hope appeared on the field. Special Olimpics European Summer Games were officially declared open.

The idea of Special Olympics is that each person with intellectual disabilities can train, enjoy and benefit from participation in competitions.

Participants had an oportunity to show their skills in 9 sport disciplines, e.g. athletics, table tennis, women football, weight triathlon, bowling and 1 demonstrative discipline – Motor Activities Training Programme (MATP).

The struggle was held in sports facilities in Warsaw: sports complex of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, Józef Piłsudski University of Phisical Education and COS Torwar sports complex.

Closing ceremony took place on the 24th of September in Torwar sports hall. Next Special Olimpics will take place in Belgium in 2014.

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