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Warsaw recognizes the development of a modern, knowledge-based economy as a strategic and major goal. The city is constantly increasing the impact of the research sector on the economy by developing research infrastructure, transferring knowledge and technology between the science and business sectors, and increasing access to innovation support instruments.

Warsaw is one the most significant scientific hubs in Europe, with over 150 scientific institutions and a large representation of professors and researchers who are active members of international associations.

The local authorities are aware that developing a network of cooperative relationships positively influences not only mutual relations between companies and scientific communities but also builds an important segment of the economy through the MICE sector. Therefore, the City of Warsaw, using the synergy of public and private entities, offers wide support for meeting planners who consider bringing their congresses, conferences, fairs, or other events to Warsaw.

29rd place

in ICCA Worldwide rankings by number of meetings organised in 2018

Over 150

scientific institutions

More than 130

active Polish Congress Ambassadors

Large-scale events in Warsaw:

COP-19 2013 Climate Change Conference

Number of delegates: 10,000

International Conference on Jewish Genealogy (IAJGS) 2018

Number of delegates: 1,000

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Summit 2019

Number of visitors: 2,200


NATO Summit 2016

Number of delegates: 2,500

Microsoft Tech Summit 2018

Number of delegates: 2,500

European Congress on Clinical Neurophysiology (ECCN) 2019

Number of delegates: 1,000

Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2016

Number of delegates: 1,500

European Psychiatric Congress (EPA) 2019

Number of delegates: 4,300

European Design Festival 2019

Number of visitors: 2,000

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