Warsaw Conference & Hotel Market Data – September 2023

It’s that time again where we unveil the most recent insights into Warsaw’s conference and hotel market for September 2023. We strive to provide you with concise and clear data that reflects the dynamics of this ever-evolving industry.

For our hotel insights, in partnership with STR, we’ve delved into the hospitality trends of the month. Our survey, which encompasses a significant 76% of all available rooms in Warsaw, offers a comprehensive view of the hotel landscape.

On the conference front, we rely on the invaluable Demand Outlook tool by Z-Factor, which zeroes in on 35 of Warsaw’s leading conference hotels. This tool grants us a window into the conference activities of September, allowing us to discern trends, preferences, and behaviors.

The data we’re revealing is a snapshot of the bustling world of Warsaw’s meetings and hospitality sector. Yet, the Warsaw Convention Bureau offers an even deeper dive. Our members have exclusive access to the Demand Outlook tool, providing them with an in-depth look into the market’s intricacies.

For a deeper understanding of Warsaw’s vibrant conference and hotel scene and to explore the myriad benefits of joining the Warsaw Tourist Organization, feel free to drop us an email at office@wot.waw.pl.