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Warsaw is a green and refreshing destination with its 346 leafy squares and 96 parks covering a quarter of the city. The largest and most impressive of these is the Royal Łazienki Park and Palace complex covering 76 ha of parkland in the middle of the city and containing some beautiful architecture. There is also the incredible green roof of the University Library, one of the largest rooftop gardens in Europe, with a view looking out over the Vistula River and the „PGE Narodowy” Stadium.


of green areas in the city

Warsaw’s river banks are considered to be the summer centre of the city, with much to offer on both sides. Here you can relax on one of eight municipal beaches, rent sports equipment, go on a bicycle tour along the river or take a cruise on traditional wooden boats. There is also a free river ferry during the summer months. The Vistula River in Warsaw is particularly unique due to its natural values. The right bank of the river is entirely wild and home to beavers, terns and even moose, which you might catch a glimpse of if you’re lucky. The area is protected by the Natura 2000 programme.


The left bank has also undergone extensive renovation to make it into a vibrant and interesting place to spend time. Close by, near to the Royal Castle, there is the Multimedia Fountain Park. This is also a venue for many cultural events, primarily ­Wianki (the summer solstice celebration) in June, and the Feast of the Vistula in September.

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