Warsaw Welcomed the 19th European AIDS Conference

Warsaw recently played host to one of the most significant conferences in the medical world, the 19th European AIDS Conference (#EACS2023), organized by the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS).

This paramount event resonated far beyond the medical domain. It served as a nexus for clinicians, researchers, community activists, and stakeholders, all converging with a unified purpose: addressing both the clinical and social facets of HIV and AIDS research. Given the profound impact of this conference, it wasn’t just an assembly of medical professionals but also an influencer for local, regional, and international politicians.

Rewinding to early 2021: Together with our partner venue, EXPO XXI Warszawa, we embarked on a journey. Our mission was to prepare a bid for the EACS congress. Two and a half years later, the pride we felt was immeasurable. Hosting this monumental event in the heart of Poland was a testament to the collective efforts of many, and we extended our deepest gratitude to everyone who made this possible.

The theme for the event was „It’s time to revisit!”, and it lived up to every bit of that promise. It delivered thorough discussions, groundbreaking insights, and the potential to redefine our approach to the HIV epidemic and care strategies.

For those who had touched down in Warsaw for the conference, our booth at the airport was a beacon of guidance. Our team was on hand to guide attendees on all conference logistics, from directions to the venue to session schedules. Moreover, it was a fantastic opportunity for visitors to delve into the wonders of Warsaw. With our brochures and maps, many got to experience the cultural richness of our city. We extend our warmest congratulations and thanks to all attendees.