Warsaw to be featured in the Subjective Atlas Editions

Between 04.10 and 09.10 Annelys de Get and Kurt Vanbelleghem, Belgian/Dutch authors of the Subjective Atlas Editions are visiting Warsaw to meet with local artists, designers, cultural institutions and potential partners and to research materials for the Warsaw edition of the Atlas.

This unconventional publishing initiative „maps” cities from the locals’ perspectives by engaging local communities in the creation process in order to present a more complex image of the destination. Previous editions have covered Brussels, Luxembourg, Hungary, Mexico and Netherlands among others.

Today’s destination marketing trends seem to focus more and more on showcasing the insider’s images of the city and tourists are more interested in authentic experiences when travelling. We believe that everyday Warsaw can be just as fascinating and worth showing to the world as its key tourist attractions, and so we are very much looking forward to the Subjectve Atlas of Warsaw which will enable the visitors to explore its local aspects in more depth.

The project was initiated by the New Media Department of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and Warsaw Tourism Organization is hosting the authors during their stay in Warsaw and taking part in the consultations on 07.10 in Fundacja BĘC Zmiana.