Warsaw Convention Bureau Proudly Supports the Knowledge-Share Communities Event

We were honored to support the Knowledge-Share Communities event, which took place on November 16-17, 2023, at the University of Warsaw. This gathering, focusing on the impact of the Ukrainian war on European media, was a collaboration between the University of Warsaw and The European Media Management Association.

Warsaw’s selection as the host city was significant, mirroring the event’s themes of tolerance and inclusivity. As a city that has risen from the ashes of war and has recently supported Ukrainian refugees, Warsaw provided a deeply relevant setting for these discussions.

The event brought together researchers from across Europe, including Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, and Finland, to share their insights and research. The goal was to create networks and experiment with innovative forms of knowledge exchange, integrating workshops, pitching sessions, and thematic community events.

A key discussion point was how media companies have adapted to the war in Ukraine, including changes in production, distribution, pricing, promotion, and branding. These discussions aimed to understand the nature of these adaptations, whether they were driven by institutional or grassroots initiatives, and their permanence.

The Knowledge-Share Communities event is a stepping stone for ongoing collaborations and discussions. The outcomes of the workshops will be shared on the emma and project’s website, and the dialogue will continue at the emma 2024 conference. Additionally, the possibility of publishing a Special Issue in an international journal underscores the event’s significance and impact.

This event was more than an academic conference; it was a testament to Warsaw’s enduring spirit and its role in fostering global dialogue and solutions.