Warsaw Conference & Hotel Market Data – May 2023

We are pleased to present to you the basic information that describes the size and characteristics of the hotel and conference market in Warsaw for May 2023. The hotel data is provided by STR and describes a representative group of hotels in the capital, gathered from a survey that covers 76% of rooms available in the city. On the other hand, the conference data comes from the Demand Outlook tool by Z-Factor, which monitors 35 major conference hotels in Warsaw.

The data we provide offers an accurate glimpse of the ongoing situation in the Warsaw meetings and hotel industry. However, it is just a fragment of the extensive information that the Warsaw Convention Bureau provides to its members, including full access to the Demand Outlook tool.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive understanding of the market and the benefits of membership with the Warsaw Tourist Organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at office@wot.waw.pl