Warsaw Adopts New Economic Development Policy

The Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, has approved the new Economic Development Policy for Warsaw. The document was developed by the Office of Economic Development in close collaboration with representatives from the business and academic communities, as well as the citizens of Warsaw, utilizing a participatory model.

The Economic Development Policy outlines the direction for Warsaw’s economy, emphasizing innovation, stability, and resilience to challenges. It also highlights the importance of social justice, responsibility, community engagement, creativity, locality, and sustainable development.

For the Warsaw Tourism Organisation, and particularly for the Warsaw Convention Bureau, actions that promote Warsaw as a friendly destination for business and tourism are of paramount importance. The main areas of development identified in the Policy include: enhancing cooperation between the City Hall of Warsaw and the sectors of science, business, culture, and civil society; attracting innovative companies that generate valuable jobs and support sustainable development; developing entrepreneurial education, as well as training and advisory services for local entrepreneurs; creating optimal conditions for the development of innovative and creative enterprises; attracting and retaining talents, while improving the quality of life to make Warsaw an attractive place to live and develop; developing public-private partnerships; implementing various promotional activities to build Warsaw’s economic brand; and proper spatial planning, management of urban properties and service premises to support both large investments and emerging entrepreneurs.

The Economic Development Policy responds to the needs of residents and entrepreneurs, positioning Warsaw as a strong and dynamic economy ready for future challenges.

Detailed information about Warsaw’s Economic Development Policy is available on the following pages:

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the document and join us in our efforts to develop Warsaw.