The 6th Quantum Bio-Inorganic Chemistry Conference (QBIC-VI 2023) in Warsaw

The Warsaw Convention Bureau is honored to have supported the organization of the 6th Quantum Bio-Inorganic Chemistry Conference (QBIC-VI 2023), which is taking place from August 29th to September 1st. This esteemed event is jointly organized by the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences (IChF) in Warsaw, and the Laboratory of Chemistry and Biology of Metals (LCBM), French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

The QBIC-VI conference is a continuation of the legacy established by previous QBIC meetings held in various international locations. The 2023 edition focuses on computational inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, encompassing theoretical methods, novel applications, and combined computational/experimental approaches. The event is further enriched by the Quantum Bioinorganic Chemistry Society’s involvement and the generous support of the Candela Foundation.

In addition to the scientific sessions, the conference will feature a special Royal Society of Chemistry journal themed collection dedicated to Quantum Bioinorganic Chemistry, providing attendees with even more valuable insights into this evolving field.

The Warsaw Convention Bureau has provided promotional materials to attendees, ensuring they experience the best of what Warsaw has to offer in terms of tourism and culture. We believe that the blend of scientific excellence and the cultural richness of Warsaw will make QBIC-VI 2023 a memorable event for all participants.

We extend our warmest welcome to all attendees and wish them a productive and enjoyable stay in our beautiful city.