Supporting the 18th Conference on Computer Science and Intelligence Systems, FedCSIS 2023

Warsaw is currently playing host to the esteemed FedCSIS 2023 conference, taking place at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology from September 17th to 20th. This event is organized by a collaboration of renowned institutions, including the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, the Polish Information Processing Society (PIPS), and the Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences, under the patronage of the Warsaw University of Technology.
The conference serves as a platform for discussions on various facets of computer science and intelligence systems. With its rich legacy, FedCSIS has consistently been a beacon of advancements in this domain.
Warsaw’s strategic location in Europe and its burgeoning technology ecosystem make it an ideal venue for such international gatherings. The Warsaw Convention Bureau recognizes the significance of hosting such events, not only for the academic and professional community but also for bolstering Warsaw’s position in the global conference market. We are proud to have supported this event, offering international participants a glimpse into the many attractions that Warsaw has to offer.