Sofitel Victoria & Visau online studio

Sofitel Victoria & Visau online studio was nominated for this year’s MP Power Venue award in the “online studio” category. The evaluation of nominees was based on flexibility of offered solutions, the quality of technology in use, level of support provided by organizers as well as availability of extra spaces and studio configuration options.

Studio which is located in the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria was acknowledged for its adaptive way of responding to constantly changing reality of the events market and ability to adjust the offer to the market’s demand. This innovative space comes with modern multimedia equipment, which includes: 3 LED screens, a spectacular LED Strip ceiling and studio lighting. Sofitel’s Victoria venue is located centrally, in the heart of the historical and business center of Warsaw. Among numerous advantages, some of them need to be mentioned as they distinguish the product from the others on the market, that said: stage dressing rooms, an office for organizers right next to the studio, spacious apartments where backstage talks can take place and above all, professional hotel service provided by experienced hotel team.  That multi-functional space created by the Sofitel Victoria in cooperation with Visau can serve many purposes and can be rented by various corporations, agencies, media producers organizing any online event, streaming for business partners, TV programs, concerts, performances, awards gala and others with or without audience participation. Furthermore, hotel was audited by Bureau Veritas and received hygiene safety certificate what makes it a very safe venue and guarantees that all strict standards are followed and abided by.

Organizing online and hybrid events will become our reality, even after the pandemic is over. A study was carried out by Accor and its results show that 50% of events which were initially planned to be traditional in their form, were finally organized online. That trend will continue in the future. We have already organized multiple and various events in our studio, such as theatre performance, award ceremony broadcasted live, conference for over 1500 listeners with various debates attended by panelists, who were present on the spot or were connecting through on-line tools as well as conferences taking place parallelly in two different studios, etc. To put it simply, our possibilities are unlimited.

Dorota Korpaczewska

Director of Sales & Marketing , Sofitel Warsaw Victoria