„Scalars 2023” Conference at the University of Warsaw: Delving into Scalar Particle Physics

From September 13th to 16th, 2023, the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw is hosting the distinguished „Scalars 2023” conference. This event, a joint initiative of the Division for Physics of Fundamental Interactions of the Polish Physical Society and the Candela Foundation, builds upon the legacy of its previous editions, serving as a focal point for rigorous discussions in the realm of scalar particle physics.

The conference is addressing a wide array of topics pertinent to scalar particle physics, encompassing the detailed study of the SM Higgs boson, potential extensions of the Standard Model, and the pivotal role of scalars in cosmology. Moreover, discussions on the future experimental methodologies for scalars at leading global facilities are anticipated to be of paramount importance.

In conjunction with this pivotal scientific event, the Warsaw Convention Bureau has furnished attendees with materials that encapsulate the historical and cultural facets of Warsaw. This gesture ensures that while participants immerse themselves in academic deliberations, they also gain insights into the rich tapestry of our city’s heritage.

The ongoing „Scalars 2023” conference is undeniably a landmark event for scholars and aficionados in the domain, promoting collaboration and advancing the global discourse on scalar particle physics.