New Honorary Ambassadors of Polish Congresses for 2022-2023

We are filled with pride and joy as we announce the selection of new Honorary Ambassadors of Polish Congresses for the years 2022-2023. Out of the six exemplary candidates we nominated, an impressive five have been honored with this prestigious title. This achievement is indeed a significant accolade for us!

The distinguished Ambassadors, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Dr hab. Mirosław Jarosiński
  • Dr hab. Anna Jupowicz-Ginalska
  • Prof. dr hab. Justyna Kowalska
  • Dr. n. med. Jacek Mazek
  • Piotr Węgrzyn

The Committee of the Ambassador Program of Polish Congresses, comprised of luminaries from the fields of academia, culture, and business, selected a total of 22 new Ambassadors on October 11th. In this year, marking the 25th anniversary of the Program, there was a special emphasis on harnessing the intellectual potential of Polish academic and scientific centers. This initiative not only serves as a tool for acquiring congresses but also plays a pivotal role in place marketing.

Submissions for the Program came from various sectors and were rigorously evaluated by the Committee during its dynamic sessions. We are ecstatic that our nominees are now part of this elite assembly, contributing immensely to promoting Poland on the global stage.