Map of tourist attractions

The map of tourist attractions, main routes and cultural and culinary products recommended by the Warsaw Tourist Organization is gaining a new form.

The map has been updated first of all, due to the appearance of new members in the association, mainly restaurants. It should also be recalled that 2 restaurants that were previously members of the association closed their operations during the pandemic and did not return to the Warsaw tourist market. These are Senses and Dawne Smaki restaurants.

So there are some changes, and for this reason the content has been updated. For economic and ecological reasons, we will not decide to print it.

The content of the map will be presented under a special QR-code. It will be presented in the association’s member hotels as well as in the new information points at the Okęcie airport in Warsaw.

We will also use the Q-R code in foreign events such as workshops and fairs in which we plan to participate.

The map presents attractions from 4 product areas, i.e. Classic Warsaw, Chopin’s Warsaw, Alternative Routes and Culinary Warsaw. In the presentation of content and hints for guests staying in Warsaw, we use the offers of members of the Warsaw Tourist Organization.

We are pleased to present our recommendations inviting you to discover Warsaw!