Future Text: 08.04 – 12.04.2019

On 08.04 – 12.04 researchers from the New Media Art Department of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology are hosting the Future Text conference: a two-year international, cross-academic project focused on text-based communication across different cultures and means of expression.

The Warsaw edition of the event saw representatives from universities and research institutes from New York, Tokio, Athens, Dublin and Mainz take part in round table talks about design, typography and computer animation, lecture on Japanese art of information design, e.g. visual identity of Japanese cities and participate in traditional japanese printing workshops as part of the Japanese Week.

Warsaw Convention Bureau is a partner of the event and with the support of Warsaw Tourism Organisation’s members we could show the visitors the finest examples of our cultural heritage.

It’s been an inspiring collaboration and we are very much looking forward to the project’s final conference which will also take place in Warsaw 2020 and hopefully will attract even more personalities from the world of visual art and design.