The Warsaw Gasworks Museum

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01-220 , Warszawa
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Exhibition space: 1200 m2

Distance from the airport: 10 km
Distance to the city centre: 4.3 km

Learn about the history that is an integral part of Warsaw. Visit the Warsaw Gasworks Museum

The Warsaw Gasworks Museum is a place where history meets modernity. It is here that we can learn about the history of not only the capital itself, but also the events that influenced the fate of the whole of Poland.

The Warsaw Gasworks and its history
Let's move to the past, when in the second half of the 19th century, industrialization and urbanization rapidly increased throughout Europe. The development of industry did not bypass Poland, which did not exist on maps at that time, and the changes that took place in it largely depended on the partitioning powers to which particular areas belonged. After the fall of the January Uprising, the Kingdom of Poland, including Warsaw, have experienced many changes. Despite the increasing repressions by the invader, the development of industry was progressing faster and faster, and thus the necessary infrastructure was being created. One of the facilities that were built in those difficult times for Poles was the Warsaw gasworks built in 1886-1888. It was the largest gasworks in the Polish territories under partition, consisting of many production and residential buildings of the characteristic, at that time, red brick. At that time, in Wola near Warsaw, buildings were erected which, despite the passage of time, are still one of the most beautiful and best preserved complexes of architecture from those years. Only fifty years after the construction of the gasworks, Poland again had to fight for its territory and nationality. In 1939, the transmission network of the gasworks was bombed, but a significant part of the plant, being a strategic facility for the German occupier, fortunately, was not completely destroyed. The gasworks played an important role during the Warsaw Uprising, as it was a place of shelter for many residents, as the staff ensuring the production continuity of the plant. When the dust of war settled, the complex was restored to its former functionality, and even expanded and the production of gas from coal started again. The gasworks in Wola supplied gas to the inhabitants of the capital until 1970. After the production was completed, part of the area was quickly transformed into the Gas Industry Museum.

The Warsaw Gasworks Museum today
Currently, the area of the former Warsaw gasworks covers about 20 hectares, most of the buildings have offices, and the area is not open to the public. A building accessible to everyone, in which, among others, scrubbers, compressors and the largest gas meter in Europe is the Warsaw Gasworks Museum, which has the largest collection of exhibits in its field in Poland. In recent years, this facility has been renovated, modernized and equipped with technology that allows, among others, for interactive familiarization with the production process of coal gas and related products.

Why is it worth visiting this museum?
The Warsaw Gasworks Museum has a varied and unique exhibition, the main part of which are nineteenth-century devices related to the production of gas from hard coal, called "light gas". Old machines of the plant, photos, documents, historic gas street lamps, unusual gas-powered devices, including: gas refrigerator, iron, curling iron and coffee grinder, are waiting for visitors. However, these unique machines, which have been preserved in excellent condition to this day, and in their heyday were one of the most innovative and modern technological solutions, are not the only reason why everyone should visit this place at least once. Thanks to the revitalization works carried out, all the monuments of the museum have been harmonized with modern Digital Video systems, which is a link between the history and modernity, and also makes the exhibition easily digestible by the youngest visitors. Each visitor can not only learn about the history of the gas industry in Poland, but also absorb the most important aspects of the history of Poland and the city of Warsaw itself.

Gasworks - is it worth visiting with children?
The Warsaw Gasworks Museum is an extraordinary place where history has been combined with interactive modernity. It is a facility tailored to the needs of the youngest, slightly older, but also true enthusiasts of history and architecture lovers. For young adepts of historical knowledge, the museum offers educational activities related to the rich history of the gas industry, as well as Poland and the capital. The Warsaw Gasworks Museum is a place that everyone should see lives and lives in Warsaw on a daily basis, but also people from other regions of Poland who will be in the capital of the country on occasion. This unique building takes us back to the times of 19th-century Warsaw, where its streets were illuminated with gas lanterns, all surrounded by impressive neo-gothic buildings.

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