Performance Hall of the "Mazowsze" Ensemble

Venue category: Non-hotel venue

Świerkowa 2
05-805, Otrębusy
Tel. +48 22 509 000 671

Exhibition space: 1950 m2

Distance from the airport: 15 km
Distance to the city centre: 25 km

Our Performance Hall is one of the most modern concert halls in Europe. It has been equipped with 540 seats, with the possibility of increasing the audience to 600 people. The unique construction of the auditorium allows for any arrangement of the 1100 m² hall, including the removal of all armchairs and seats.

What makes us stand out:

  • a stage with an area of approx. 270 m², 13 m high, 16 m deep and 17 m wide,
  • possibility of any configuration of the space by means of a movable dividing wall,
  • rich multimedia facilities.

Available rooms and settings:

NameArea [m2]Max. number
of person
Shape (number of seats)






Performance Hall of the "Mazowsze" Ensemble 1100 540 540
Foyer 850