Norblin Factory Museum in Warsaw

Venue category: Unique venue

Żelazna 51/53
00-841 , Warszawa
Tel. +48 728 594 813

Distance from the airport: 8.5 km
Distance to the city centre: 2 km

Norblin Factory Museum – over 200 years of history located in the heart of Wola District. It’s a 2 ha area with 10 historic buildings, 50 machines and devices and an impressive collection of silverware. You will learn here the stories of Franciszek Ryx, the butler of the last king of Poland, Stanislaw August, as well as the Norblin and the Werner families. There are 4 sightseeing paths available for guests: Buildings and Architecture, Machines and Devices, People and Products. The fifth path combines elements of the four main ones. Norblin Factory Museum can be visited in 4 ways: with the mobile application of the Norblin Factory, with an audio guide available in the "Fabryka Norblina" mobile application, with prints that describe the exhibition addressed to various target groups, and with guides: in the company of an actor who plays the role of a former factory owner and shows the group around his estate or accompanied by a city guide in Polish, English or German.

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