Warsaw in the red zone

As of October 17, the capital will be in the red zone. This means further restrictions and changes concerning public transport, schools, commercial establishments and the organization of meetings, conferences and sports events.

On Thursday, October 15, the government announced new safety rules and extended the list of districts and cities in the red zone – including Warsaw and other major cities.

The following safety rules will apply in the red zone:

  • obligation of covering your face in public places, outdoors and indoors
  • organization of conferences, events, meetings and fares is prohibited until further notice
  • sport events closed to spectators
  • cultural events – limit of 25% occupied seats
  • public gatherings – up to 10 participants
  • wedding parties and other family occasions – prohibited (starting from 19/10)
  • max. 1 person per 7 sqm during religious ceremonies
  • maximum of 30% of the total capacity of passengers or 50% of the occupied seats allowed in public transport
  • remote learning at universities, middle and high schools
  • every second table taken, limited opening hours (6 am. – 9 pm.) in restaurants, bars and cafes
  • max. 5 people per one cash register in shops and malls
  • gyms, swimming pools and water parks closed until further notice