Warsaw Conference & Hotel Market Data – June 2023

We’re here to share the latest information about the conference and hotel market in Warsaw for June 2023. Our goal is to give you the stats and trends that shape this active industry in a straightforward way.

The hotel data, gathered in cooperation with STR, shows what the hospitality scene looked like in our city during June. This info covers a mix of hotels that together paint a picture of where you can stay in Warsaw. We’re using a big study that looks at a whopping 76% of all the available rooms in town, which gives you the full picture of the hotel business.

At the same time, our conference data comes from the tool called Demand Outlook by Z-Factor. This tool focuses on 35 important conference hotels in Warsaw. It helps us understand how conferences were happening in June 2023. By looking at patterns, what people liked, and how they acted, we’re sharing the real deal about meetings.

The numbers we’re showing you give you a peek into the world of Warsaw’s meetings and hotel business. But there’s so much more to learn from the Warsaw Convention Bureau. Our members can use the Demand Outlook tool, which is like a backstage pass to get super detailed info about the market.

If you want to really dig into the market and get cool perks from being part of the Warsaw Tourist Organization crew, just shoot us an email at office@wot.waw.pl. When you join us, you get access to tons of info that helps you really get what’s going on in Warsaw’s lively hospitality scene.