ICCA Rankings 2022 – the latest version of the report is now available!

On May 23, the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) published the latest version of the most anticipated report with the ranking of countries and cities for 2022. Warsaw was ranked 1st in Poland, 24th in Europe and 30th in the world.52 meetings reported to ICCA in 2022, it gathered a total of 13,330 participants. Poland was ranked 18th in Europe and 23rd in the world with 134 meetings.

ICCA Rankings – Latest version of the report

The ICCA country and city rankings are one of the most anticipated reports in the global meetings industry. This prestigious ranking offers valuable information and statistical data that can be used for market analysis and planning marketing and PR activities. It allows you to track global trends and compare the achievements of various destinations in terms of organizing international events.

ICCA selection rules

The International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) compiles its ranking based on data on association meetings collected from convention offices, conference venues, hotels and associations themselves. Meetings that meet certain criteria are included in the analysis. These are cyclical meetings, gathering at least 50 participants and migrating between at least three countries. Thanks to these criteria, the ICCA ranking takes into account both regular events and those with a global reach.

Timeliness of results

It is worth noting that the results presented in this year’s ICCA report reflect the current state, but are the result of sales activities undertaken several years earlier. The time between the announcement of the competition for the destination of the event and its implementation is usually 3-4 years. Decisions regarding the choice of the conference venue are often dictated by the associations’ internal policy and the activity of local ambassadors, who are supported by convention offices.

Analysis and importance of the ICCA ranking

The ICCA ranking is an important tool for analyzing and comparing the effectiveness of destinations in attracting and organizing international meetings. Proper interpretation of these statistics and analysis of global and regional trends allow for effective planning of marketing activities, strengthening the position and development of the meetings sector in a given region.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with this year’s ICCA report, which provides important information on international meetings and event organization.

Global trends according to ICCA

The United States is still in first place in this year’s ranking of countries. Spain occupies the second position, and the third place went to Italy. Poland took twenty-third place. It is worth noting that these data are representative of the current situation, and their analysis allows us to see how the meetings market evolves and adapts to changing conditions.
Similarly, Vienna remains dominant in the ranking of cities, recording the largest number of organized association meetings. Lisbon ranks second and Paris third. Warsaw ranks 30th in this year’s ICCA ranking, confirming its place as an important conference destination.

Warsaw in the context of Polish cities

For a long time, Warsaw has taken the undisputed first place in terms of the number of organized association events in Poland. In this year’s report, the capital once again confirms its leading position, recording an impressive number of meetings. Krakow ranks second, followed by Gdańsk and Wrocław.

It is worth noting that Warsaw is not only an important place for national events, but also attracts many international associations. Its presence in the ranking determines the attraction of key events.

The ICCA report is a valuable tool that allows us to understand current trends and the position of Warsaw in the international context of association meetings.