Don’t cancel you trips, please postpone. Support tourism!

We all have lovely memories from past holidays and events. We can all support the tourism industry in this difficult time.

The coronavirus pandemic (SARS-Cov-2) causing COVID-19 disease is dangerous not only for human health and life but also for the Polish, European and global economies.

The tourism industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors from the spread of coronavirus. Cancelled hotel bookings, trips, closed museums and tourist absence in restaurants have been highly damaging. Jobs and company survival are at risk.

To help protect this valuable industry, which brings happiness to many, we kindly ask you to not cancel your trip, events, hotel or restaurant bookings. Please contact your provider directly (tour operator, travel agent, restaurant, hotel) and ask to reschedule. We are confident that in most cases this can be arranged.

The coronavirus will go away at some point. In the meantime let’s do all we can to help the tourism industry survive this challenging time.