Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW

Rakowiecka 30
02-528, Warszawa

Tel. +48 22 364 16 96

Distance from the airport: 12 km
Distance to the city centre: 3 km

Category: Academic venue
Exhibition space: 100 m2

The SGGW (Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego) building is a high-standard venue offering the possibility to organise conferences and symposia. Some of the buildings are located in the centre of Warsaw, which is an additional advantage of the place. The location provides direct access to public transport: a metro station, tram and bus lines, as well as the close location of educational, commercial and healthcare centres.

Available rooms and settings:
NameArea [m2]Max. number
of person
Shape (number of seats)
Audytorium im. J. Mikułowskiego- Pomorskiego 238 170 170
Aula II 130 98 98