The Royal Castle in Warsaw

Venue category: Unique venue

Plac Zamkowy 4
00-277, Warszawa
Tel. +48 22 355 53 23

Distance from the airport: 10 km
Distance to the city centre: 3 km

A testament to the glorious, centuries-long traditions of the biggest and most important ceremonies of the old Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Republic of Poland, the Royal Castle in Warsaw can be persuaded to open up its interiors to various contemporary cultural events and occasions. It is a venue for many types of events and meetings: state and diplomatic ceremonies, academic conferences, international congresses, symposia, lectures, concerts, jubilee gala events, promotions, banquets, etc. The castle’s magnificent interiors will provide an impressive and elegant setting for any event you wish to plan. They warmly invite you to make use of their offer.

Available rooms and settings:

NameArea [m2]Max. number
of person
Shape (number of seats)






Arkady Kubickiego 1400 1200 450 800 1200
Sala Wielka 321 350 350 150 350
Skarbiec Wielki 318 350 150 150 350
Sala Koncertowa 246 200 200 80 120
Sala Rady 196 150 100 80 120