The Conference Centre at the Copernicus Science Centre

Venue category: Unique venue

Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20
00-390, Warszawa
Tel. +48 512 90 67 65, +48 516 16 92 56

Exhibition space: 450 m2

Distance from the airport: 13 km
Distance to the city centre: 2 km

The Conference Centre is located in the impressively modern building of the Copernicus Science Centre. It sits next to the Planetarium by the Vistula River, surrounded by riverside green areas. The Conference Centre makes an ideal venue for all kinds of events. There is extensive conference space on both the ground- and the second floor, with the option to tailor the layout to suit the specific organizational needs. The Conference Centre also provides state-of-the-art conference equipment and experienced professional staff.

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Available rooms and settings:

NameArea [m2]Max. number
of person
Shape (number of seats)






Konferencyjna 440 360 180 360 180 250 400
Audytoryjna 455 280 280