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Warsaw has been officially announced as a new destination for the series of interdisciplinary scientific conferences. After the positive evaluation of the first 5 meetings in 2012 Warsaw will be hosting the following symposiums for another 5 years. The chosen venue is Dom Polonii in Pultusk, near Warsaw.


The European Science Foundation (ESF) and the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) are jointly organizing the international “ESF-EMBO Symposia”, a series that is a well-known European platform for high-level, interdisciplinary scientific exchange and networking. Topics are at the forefront of scientific research and interdisciplinary, focusing on Molecular Biology at the interface with other disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics, Computing Science, Mathematics and Modelling, Space Science, Clinical Medicine, Engineering, Environmental Science, Humanities and Social Sciences. Every year, the series engages more than 800 researchers from all over the world in high-level discussions in their specific field. It brings together the foremost experts in the field – including Nobel Prize laureates – with the brightest young minds, ensuring that knowledge is transferred to a new generation of scientists.


Conceived by the two associations in 2006, the series has since been hosted by Catalonia, Spain, as a means of highlighting the region’s international strength in research and innovation. After six years of excellent collaboration, ESF and EMBO decided to move their series and its branding to a new destination in Eastern or Central Europe, allowing a ‘new’ European region to showcase its potential as an international hub of excellence in research and innovation.
A call was launched in 2010, inviting Convention Bureaus and venues in CEE to bid for the privilege of hosting this series. More than 15 proposals were received and evaluated in the course of the following 6 months.


After detailed discussions and an initial site inspection, ESF and EMBO selected the proposal of Warsaw Convention Bureau on the basis of its strong scientific links and support, thus making Warsaw and its region the new destination of these high-level ESF-EMBO Symposia. From 2012 onwards, up to 5 international symposia will be hosted annually in the region, giving Warsaw, the region and Poland the opportunity to strengthen its reputation as an international node of excellence and innovation. The contracts have now been signed for five symposia in 2012, while negotiations on close collaboration with national, regional and local science, policy and industry representatives are ongoing. The partnership will be evaluated after the first year, with the view to continue the collaboration for the next 5 years.

For more information: http://www.esf.org/activities/esf-conferences/partnerships/esf-embo-symposia.html

ABOUT ESF (www.esf.org)

The European Science Foundation (ESF) is a European association representing 79 member organisations devoted to scientific research in 30 European countries.
ESF's core purpose is to promote high quality science at a European level. The ESF is committed to facilitating cooperation and collaboration in European science on behalf of its principal stakeholders (Member Organisations and Europe's scientific community). One of our instruments is the ESF Research Conferences Scheme. This ESF Research Conferences Scheme provides the opportunity for leading scientists and young researchers to meet for discussions on the most recent developments in their fields of research. It acts as a catalyst for creating new synergistic contacts throughout Europe and the rest of the world. ESF Research Conferences are open to scientists world-wide, whether from academia or industry.
Conferences are organized in series. Each series focuses on specific topics. We aim to create a clear ‘brand name’ for the individual conference series, by linking each to a certain geographical region and a distinct location. This practice also helps a region to promote itself as a scientific hub of expertise and knowledge to the European and international scientific community.

ABOUT EMBO (www.embo.org)

The European Molecular Biology Organization is an organization of leading life scientist members that fosters new generations of researchers to produce world-class scientific results. Through the expertise and insight of our members, it aims to help create a Europe where top-level life science research thrives. EMBO supports talented researchers, selected through impartial evaluation processes, so that they can go on to do great science with the creativity and passion to answer the unanswered. It provides platforms for scientific exchange and training in cutting-edge technologies so that the high standards of excellence in research practice are maintained. It helps to shape science and research policy for a world-class European research environment. The wide scientific scope across the full range of life science research coupled with the broad geographical reach of 1500 members and associate members – some of the best researchers in Europe and around the world – positions EMBO to optimally serve Europe’s life science community.

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