Ambassador`s Club Meeting

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On April 7th, 2011 another meeting of the Ambassador’s Club, gathering organizers of scientific conferences and congresses in Warsaw, was held.

This time Warsaw Convention Bureau had the pleasure to invite its guests to the Copernicus Science Centre.

In the first part of the meeting, the guests had the possibility to see and experience the numerous attractions  of Centre’s exhibition . Thanks to the accompanying animator the guests could get better acquainted with the fascinating, interactive exhibits and experienced how easy it is to arrange the accompanying program for the conference . 

During the site inspection of the building, guests got to know the rich conference offer of the Centre which apart from professionally equipped meeting halls, can also boast an additional space for up to 700 pax in the underground garages. The space can be adapted for various meetings and events.

An interesting addition to the educational part of the meeting, especially for the organizers of the scientific congresses, was the presentation of the latest solutions in the streaming video technology that allows organisers to transmit the meeting over the Internet and mobile phones. Representative of the StreamOnline company – Warsaw Convention Bureau's business partner – showed how to reduce costs of  simultaneous translations –  usually the fixed component of the majority of the international congresses.  other mentioned benefits of this solution were: promotion before the event and  the opportunity to share the knowledge acquired during the congress with the ones which cannot participate in  the event..

After the official part, during the treat, guests exchanged their experiences and had a chance to network with fellow participants.

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