The Challenges of World Heritage Recovery, International Conference on Reconstruction, Warsaw, 6-8th May 2018
2018-05-06 - 2018-05-08
Zamek Królewski w Warszawie
Implementing declarations from the decisions of the World Heritage Committee of 2016 (40 COM 7) and 2017 (41 COM 7), Poland as a State Party to the World Heritage Convention organizes in cooperation with World Heritage Centre, the conference entitled The challenges of World Heritage recovery. International conference on reconstruction. It will take place on May 6-8 in the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The place of the conference is deliberately chosen. Poland, and Warsaw in particular, has experienced the tragedy of deliberate destruction and the need to deal with various kinds of challenges aimed at returning to normal functioning. The Historic Center of Warsaw (1980), one of the first inscription on the World Heritage List, was also a precedent. The outstanding value of this property has been noticed, among others in the comprehensive reconstruction of the city destroyed in the material layer, the basis for reconstruction of the strength of the spirit and the determination of the nation. This entry for many years had a significant impact on understanding the concept of the authenticity of World Heritage sites and forming the approach to the issue of reconstruction. The purpose of this international conference is to summarize the previous discussions and experiences regarding the recovery and reconstruction of UNESCO World Heritage sites and attempt to develop the most appropriate, universal guidelines that enable to proceed with properties of exceptional value at the time of destruction. Conference is free of charge. The languages of the conference are English and French. Mandatory registration takes place via an electronic form,f-konferencja_o_odbudowie_maj_2018
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