1st World Congress of Trichoscopy and Symposium All About Hair and Nails
2018-03-15 - 2018-03-17
Warsaw Marriott Hotel
The International Trichoscopy Society was founded in May 2017 by international experts in the field, Antonella Tosti (USA, Italy), Rodrigo Pirmez (Brazil), Daniel Asz Sigall (Mexico) and myself (Poland) and its constantly growing. The society was established after the impressive success of trichoscopy, a new diagnostic method, which recently developed into a basic diagnostic tool in dermatological practice. Trichoscopy also evolved into a great research tool in dermatology. The 1st World Congress of Trichoscopy will be combined with the symposium All About Hair and Nails, which will be an excellent setting to discuss the current progress in diagnosing hair, scalp and nail disorders. Worldwide opinion leaders will share with us knowledge about current standards and new therapeutic methods in hair, scalp and nail disorders. The value of cosmetic products as adjuvant products in dermatological practice will be discussed.
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