International Conference of Traditional and Alternative Medicine
The Centre of the Barnabite Fathers
For 2017, we have built upon the successes of our past meetings. As you can see, we have compiled an all-star list of speakers from a variety of backgrounds spanning the globe. Chosen for their teaching ability as well as their rhinoplasty knowledge, our meeting will be charged with the goal of providing maximal education to our participants. The course directors put much thought into organizing this meeting to optimize learning. To that end, we have organized the program a little differently than in past meetings. Rather than grouping content into sessions based solely on the various anatomical regions of the nose, we structured the program in a progressive manner which we feel will lead to the most effective absorption and retention of information. The keynote speakers, invited researchers, oral and poster presentations are directed to present and receive knowledge and techniques in a flexible and volunteer environment. Attendees of Different sessions can receive the certificate of the discussed techniques signed and approved by the main professors (for free).
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