Courage to Re-embrance Solidarity in Europe - Can philanthropy take a lead?
2017-05-31 - 2017-06-02
Hotel Bristol, Sofitel Warsaw Victoria
Taking place in Warsaw from 31 May – 2 June 2017, the EFC’s AGA and Conference is the largest international conference in philanthropy, engaging the European and global philanthropy sector to grapple with deep societal issues. It offers a unique opportunity for philanthropic actors with an international outlook to meet with their peers, exchange know-how and experience, test new ideas, and form partnerships. Each conference addresses societal issues that are relevant to the future of Europe and the world at large, such as inequality, social injustice and inclusive and participatory societies. Delegates benefit from the experience and insights of top-level keynote speakers who frame current topics and trends, and open up debate on institutional philanthropy’s role in these issues.
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